Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones

Today Kent and I went to see the new Indiana Jones flick. I have been waiting FOREVER for this movie to come out. Last night we had dinner with some high school students, and I was telling them how jazzed I was for this to come out. They were kind of like "Whatever", and I finally figured out that it was not a big deal to them, because all three previous films were made before they were born. It was an entertaining movie, and the whole 1950's greaser motif with Shia LeBouf was fun. Go see it!

One Step Closer to That Master's Degree

Yes, I FINISHED my thesis. Whoooooooo-Hoooooo! (Cartwheels, fireworks, etc). All I have to do is read it over one more time, FedEx it to my teacher (also the worst advisor on EARTH), and then get her approval, and then bind it. Hooray! Talk about a HUGE weight off my shoulders. This paper has been the albatross around my neck for over a year. No more!

P.S. Today my advisor in San Diego told me that she is leaving the country on June 12th, so she has to be Johnny on the Spot with this, which she has never been in the past. So please PRAY that Professor T. will read my document and send it back asap, and remember to change my grade before she leaves for wherever.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cakes of the Week

Top: A spa themed cake for a friend's Arbonne party.
Middle: A Mother's Day cake for a friend.
Bottom: Saturday's "homework" assignment.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wasting Time

It is amazing what lame and fruitless activities one can find when they are trying to avoid doing something very unexciting but necessary. For example, I have the go-ahead to finish the last 2 chapters of my thesis, after a year of hard work and red tape. Yet, I find myself filling my last three days with: making clotted cream and scones, cleaning the entire house, framing pictures, blogging, reading about the election on, answering questions on yahoo!answers, sorting mail, watching tivo'd reality shows (Jason Castro needs to leave American Idol tonight- Seriously!), laundry, and playing with the dogs. In fact, in the last three days I have only left the house for a total of 15 minutes, and that was to show Kent where the post office was.

So friends, I need your prayers. I need divine intervention and I need it quick! Tell me what a ridiculous loser I am for doing nothing all day, everyday, and how stupid I am for wasting valuable time! Blah! I so want to finish this thing!

In fact- I think that I should not blog until I have completed AT LEAST one of the two chapters. If I added up all the time I spent on this computer, and had sat down and worked on the paper, I would be near done. So, I am making a commitment to ignore this blog until I have made progress.

Until... Who knows when.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Rain Promotes Creativity

Yesterday while it rained, I decided to finish framing some family photos. I used wallpaper and wrapping paper to cover the white frame mats, and I think they turned out cute. They are going upstairs in the hallway.

Photos are (L to R): My Alfred Eisenstaedt picture, Kent's mom Jenny on a horse as an early teen, My mom Kathy hoola-hooping around age 4, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Claude in 1951, Kent's grandfather John Cotton with Sophia Loren in the 1950's?, Kent and I on Halloween 2006 as a WW2 paratrooper and Rosie the Riveter, and Kent's grandfather again.

When It Rains It Pours

Yesterday it rained- no, POURED- for 12 straight hours. At 3:00 in the morning Kent and I both woke up to loud thunder and bright white lightning, and realized that Kent's Jeep was parked outside, with the top off. So after putting the car in the garage, we just laid in bed listening to the thunder. Sophie had the chihuahua shakes all night, which she always gets when there is thunder and lightning. It rained all night, all morning, and into the afternoon. Our yard was a massive puddle, so I thought I would go out for some puddle stomping.