Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wasting Time

It is amazing what lame and fruitless activities one can find when they are trying to avoid doing something very unexciting but necessary. For example, I have the go-ahead to finish the last 2 chapters of my thesis, after a year of hard work and red tape. Yet, I find myself filling my last three days with: making clotted cream and scones, cleaning the entire house, framing pictures, blogging, reading about the election on, answering questions on yahoo!answers, sorting mail, watching tivo'd reality shows (Jason Castro needs to leave American Idol tonight- Seriously!), laundry, and playing with the dogs. In fact, in the last three days I have only left the house for a total of 15 minutes, and that was to show Kent where the post office was.

So friends, I need your prayers. I need divine intervention and I need it quick! Tell me what a ridiculous loser I am for doing nothing all day, everyday, and how stupid I am for wasting valuable time! Blah! I so want to finish this thing!

In fact- I think that I should not blog until I have completed AT LEAST one of the two chapters. If I added up all the time I spent on this computer, and had sat down and worked on the paper, I would be near done. So, I am making a commitment to ignore this blog until I have made progress.

Until... Who knows when.


Braden's Mommy said...

Good luck on getting your thesis done! Geesh that doesn't sound like fun! Hey, I just finished the Wilton Course 1... loved it! I'm not nearly as good as you though. I'll post my cakes on my blog soon... :)

Debbie O. said...

You can do it, my friend! Remember, you love those... kids!!

elisse said...

wow those frames look awesome. the problem with a blog is your friend's can steal all your ideas...mwa ha ha.

Carol Jones said...

so i'm guessing since you blogged your cake photos that you have worked copious amounts on your thesis?