Thursday, May 22, 2008

One Step Closer to That Master's Degree

Yes, I FINISHED my thesis. Whoooooooo-Hoooooo! (Cartwheels, fireworks, etc). All I have to do is read it over one more time, FedEx it to my teacher (also the worst advisor on EARTH), and then get her approval, and then bind it. Hooray! Talk about a HUGE weight off my shoulders. This paper has been the albatross around my neck for over a year. No more!

P.S. Today my advisor in San Diego told me that she is leaving the country on June 12th, so she has to be Johnny on the Spot with this, which she has never been in the past. So please PRAY that Professor T. will read my document and send it back asap, and remember to change my grade before she leaves for wherever.

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Debbie O. said...

you rock my socks off! WOOHOO!