Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scariest Roads... Conquered!

When I logged on to Yahoo just now, there was a link to an article about the USA's top ten scariest roads to drive. The first one on the list was Highway 1 up the California coast toward Monterey. Ha! Done it :-) A few years ago Kent and I went camping up in Big Sur, which is right on that very highway. Kent took some medicine that made him all sleepy, so I had to drive his STICK SHIFT Jeep, in DENSE fog, at NIGHT, PULLING OUR TENT TRAILOR! Eeek!
Upon reaching the campground at 11:00 PM, Kent realized he had forgotten to bring the keys to the camper. Oops. Thank God for crow bars. It was a great trip.
Veni, Vidi, Vici

Monday, April 13, 2009

He Is Risen

As some of you may recall, Kent and I spent last Easter with our friends Brooke and Justin Ulmer at Justin Mom's ranch, The Burnt Biscuit. Going there is like being in real Texas, with boots by the back door, guinea fowl running around, and a view of horses or cows from every window. We were graciously invited back this year, and even George and Sophie received an invite. After Easter service (which was fantastic) we drove the 20 minutes up there, and once we arrived it took all of 5 minutes for both Sophie and George to pee in the house. Oops. Thank goodness for tile and understanding friends. (I was told that they peed right where Biscuit and Hoonie - their dogs- pee all the time, so that made me feel better.) George sized up the Great Dane, Cherokee, but wisely decided to stay away :-)

I would say that a highlight was George and Sophie experiencing livestock for the first time. I held Sophie up to see Bullet the horse, and she nipped at his nose! Then he did this strange Mr. Ed face back for several seconds. He has some crazy gums! Soph felt the same way about cows. Ggrrrrrrrrr.

Biscuit is a little bit of a Don Juan, and humped George's face and side for about an hour. George didn't seem to care, he's used to Sophie doing it. Anyway, Justin had to put Biscuit away because he was breathing so heavy we thought he might keel over any minute and die. It was funny.

It was a great time, and we appreciate the Ulmers for taking in local-family-less friends like us on holidays. Thanks guys!

George being violated by Biscuit

I love feeding Cuddles grass. He loves it too.

Usually I don't do these self-portraits with a horse.

Cuddles' baby. And Baby Mama.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Need a Band Aid

So... In the last two weeks I (Jana) found out that I have:

1) Hypothyroidism

2) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I am feeling a little broken and sad. My body is kinda broken. I want some kiddos and my body doesn't. Kent might trade me in for a new model soon. Please pray that I can manage these things and that somehow my body will agree with me that having babies is a good thing.

The good news: They are treatable. Woo-Hoo.