Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Rain Promotes Creativity

Yesterday while it rained, I decided to finish framing some family photos. I used wallpaper and wrapping paper to cover the white frame mats, and I think they turned out cute. They are going upstairs in the hallway.

Photos are (L to R): My Alfred Eisenstaedt picture, Kent's mom Jenny on a horse as an early teen, My mom Kathy hoola-hooping around age 4, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Claude in 1951, Kent's grandfather John Cotton with Sophia Loren in the 1950's?, Kent and I on Halloween 2006 as a WW2 paratrooper and Rosie the Riveter, and Kent's grandfather again.

1 comment:

wendy said...

soooooooo cute!

i should have hopped on my rowboat and come over to your house. i'd have something to show for the day...

because just a few blocks away, rain apparently promotes NAPPING!