Saturday, December 29, 2012

Real Christmas Photos

On Thanksgiving our friends Greg and Sally said they'd take our Christmas picture at a park by their house in College Station.
The sign of true friendship: offering to take pictures of a family with a toddler.
In order to get Wes to look in the general direction of the camera, Greg had to wear a duck hand puppet and make ridiculous quacking noises. 
Here are my three favorite outtakes.
The Trifecta of Awful
Eyes Closed. Head Turned. Speaking.
The Body Drag
We will drag you until we get a photo where it looks like we're casually strolling through the woods in our finery and my stiletto boots.
The Rag Doll
Perky and energetic toddler decides to go into dead weight mode.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wes Wears Many Hats

The newest exciting clothing trend happening in the Anderson house is hats. Previously, Wes turned into a crazy person when I tried to put a hat on him. Now he naps and bathes in them.
Yesterday he used the dog bowl as a hat, and he has even worn coffee filters as hats at the grocery store. Like I said, he's a fan.
When Wes can't find his cowboy hat he will wear a bike helmet around the house instead, and that's just not normal. It covers his eyes causing him to bump into stuff, but it's okay because he has on the gigantor helmet.
It's sort of a symbiotic relationship.