Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hürdy Gürdy Down to Ikea

To me, Ikea is sort of the amusement park of stores. It's just a fun place to hang out if you're like us and have kids and it's flaming hot outside and you just can't stomach one more trip to the Germ Tree. I mean there's housewares, food (oh, the Swedish meatballs, how I love you and your price point), play areas for kids, and arrows to keep you on track (unless your husband tries to skip places like the office area by cutting through the bookshelf section). But Ikea is not close, so we can't go to just buy one item. No, we have to wait until we have a whole list of things, and that list usually looks like this:

  • Ürgtorp
  • Liken
  • Schmupple
  • Gröten
  • Flärdengärten
Am I right? The names are hilariously foreign a la Swedish Chef from Sesame Street.  But  once we have a few things we mosey on down there for some family shopping fun. So first we stopped at Rudy's BBQ and then headed down in the rain. Here's a few pictures from our outing.

I guess this does not apply to Wes?

Wes found the one room with a working TV and cartoons.

Remind me never to forget to bring diapers to Ikea. Cha-Ching!

Climbing cubbies in Ektorp. yay!

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