Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walk Through The 'Burbs

Today at Bible study there was a bit of an "open mic" for women to express any praises they had from the week. If I hadn't been totally intimidated by some women's tales of God's amazing answer to prayer, then I would have gotten up and praised Him for sending some cooler weather our way. And y'all, this is Houston, so cooler weather just means under 90° and NOT crazy humid. (And Lord, while you're at it could you destroy every living mosquito? M-kay, thanks!) Seriously, I totally understand why people in the Pacific Northwest get all depressed, because even though we get more than our fair share of sunshine, it's so miserably hot that we can't go outside much, and half of my girlfriends have vitamin D deficiency. (okay, I know of one)

Moving on. I harnessed up the dogs and took my brood of dependents on a long walk in the neighborhood. It was so good for my soul! Even George was happy to pee on every vertical surface over 4 inches high. Hey, he had months of leg-hiking saved up!

But y'all... How great is fall? I'm totally going to enjoy it when it arrives in three more months.

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