Monday, January 21, 2008

The Downstairs Bathroom

Downstairs there is a 1/2 bath that was in need of a serious facelift. The previous owners had put in cute bead-board, but it was painted dark red, with yellow walls and a floral border. Plus, the bead-board was not finished well at the top and needed some more molding to look right. So, we ripped off the old molding, and added a wide border at the top with a ledge for setting pictures, etc. We painted all the wood white (taking several coats), and then re-wallpapered using some cute vintage-style paint-on wallpaper from Lowes. I used the color "waterscape blue", which we used in other parts of the house. We installed a new light fixture, new mirror, soapdish, towel holder, and TP holder, and... VOILA! It was done. It turned out great, and I love this bathroom.

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Debbie O. said...

Great job! This bathroom looks awesome, and totally you. Can't wait to see the rest as it progresses!