Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Laundry Room

Our laundry room (LR) is tiny. We have to find a way to accomodate a washer and dryer, yet still be able to open the door to the outside. This is the primary way we enter our home, as we park in the garage and then come through the back. But, the washer/dryer will not fit where they are meant to go, because then the door won't open. There is evidence on the wall that there were once some nice cabinets in the LR. However, the previous owners ripped out the cabinets, put in the shelving, and then coated the ENTIRE room in banana-yellow hi-gloss paint (including the ceiling). And they chose a rosy pink tile for the floor (barf barf).

The last 2 days I spent ripping out the shelves, patching holes in the drywall, priming the walls, painting the baseboards white, and the walls the same lovely "waterscape" color that is in the downstairs bathroom. I went to Home Depot to investigate cabinets, but ouch! They will run about $200. Then, I am putting in a wide-plank chair-rail around the room with chrome hooks for hanging coats and doggie leashes. So I am not quite done, but soon!!! Here is a before and a current pic. The future finished product is coming soon.


Debbie O. said...

is that country music I hear playing in the background? I think it is!!

Kent and Jana said...

Ha ha ha! YES! I am caught!