Monday, January 21, 2008

First Blog- Monumental

Hello friends and family!
Some friends of ours (Mainly Debbie O) have encouraged Kent and I to document some of our home renovation, and general Texas experiences... so here we go!

The set-up...
When Kent and I came to Texas to look for a house, we had about 3 days to find one and make an offer. Our budget was 170k or less, which in Texas gave us a lot of options. It is SO HARD to decide where to live when you can live about anywhere, and we started plugging away looking at old homes, new homes, not-even-built homes, etc. I love older homes with some character, but the oldest home in The Woodlands is late 1960's, thereby squelching my dream to own a craftsman bungalow - for now anyway.

Kent disliked most houses we looked at, because he is one of the 90% of buyers that cannot look past ugly decor and paint and imagine what our own furniture would look like. Any house with white walls was his favorite. On the other hand, I am one of the 10% of people that walk into any room and instantly start redecorating in my mind, and see potential even in total dumps. So in the end, we compromised, and bought our home... ugly paint, ugly curtains, ugly lighting, but good bones and a nice neighborhood.

After some negotiating we got the price down to a fairly affordable amount, signed a ridiculous amount of paperwork, coughed up some closing costs, and moved into an empty house on August 28th, 2007.

Our furniture was 2 weeks late, so we slept on an air mattress with sleeping bags, and ate take-out everyday while the renovation began. Mom and Dad Eichman flew out from California right away, and the biggest undertaking I have ever attempted began!


Debbie O. said...

Yay! I am so excited to watch the progress! Thanks for humoring me! It will be a fun historical record for you too (hopefully).

Anonymous said...

I love what you’ve done with the place! What a difference in the looks from before to now. I must have the name of your contractor.

I love the place!

The dogs are cute.