Monday, October 8, 2012

TV and Assaulting Satan

Today Wes watched a lot of TV. Well, I can't be sure how much of it he actually paid attention to, but the electronic babysitter was on more than I want to admit. But I will say that we saw puppets cruising around New York, science kids, dinosaurs, trains, worlds made of words... you get it.
PBS extravaganza.
I was laying on the carpet by Wes and I started to feel bad.
Like maybe I wasn't a good mom.
I know why we call Satan the Enemy. He creeps in and fills me with self doubt.
I don't appreciate it.
So I sat there and started to think about the Truth.
Wes has a clean diaper. His tummy is full. His favorite snuggle is laying nearby. We  just read three books. I let him dump his blocks all over the floor (the ones with sharp pointy edges that scurry under my feet when I walk causing me to say not nice things at them). Our house is warm and safe. I have already given him oodles of kisses for the day. Later I am going to take him on a walk by the Waterway and to Frost Cupcakes for a treat.
And after I catalogued all the good things Wes had going on at that moment and for the day, I didn't feel so bad about myself. Or the TV.
And I felt like I had slamma-jamma'd the Enemy right in the kisser. All Batman style.


Mariah @ said...

I just wrote about this type of thing today -- all of the things that people like to judge about parents. I'm pretty sure you're doing an amazing job! Keep it up!

Jesse and Dori said...

Keep up the good work Momma, love is the best thing for kids! I feel the same way sometimes, but then reevaluate and think of ALL I do for them and it makes me feel better! glad we can be blog buddies:)
hugs, dori