Sunday, October 7, 2012

Round Top Ain't For Sissies

On Friday I had the pleasure of going to the place where people of all ages
(okay, middle aged-women and gay men primarily)
go to find priceless artifacts
 (in reality quasi-desirable junk of all shapes and sizes)
for low prices:
(not low enough) 
If you are unfamiliar with what it is, it's basically a bi-annual antique/junk extravaganza held in various barns and fields along a country road in and around a tiny, barely on a map town named Round Top. Vendors come from all states to hock their goods, and I use that term loosely. We saw everything from velvet paintings, to old saddles, to salvaged industrial lighting to row boats to stuffed armadillos (I only saw one this year, so make that singular).
This time, I was joined by my lovely and talented interior designer pal Kate Duckworth of Maison Market. We left the babies with those deemed responsible (husbands) and headed out into the wild blue yonder (wait- is that the sky?) in her big ol' Texas truck. After making a pit-stop for donuts of course.
It was a lot of fun until we ran out of money, and that happened too quick.  I didn't take "artsy" pictures because I didn't want to haul around my ginormous camera, but here are a couple shots with the iPhone. If you like anything -no seriously- ANYTHING, then you should go to Round Top this spring. Because I guarantee that you will find it.
With sequins.
And rust.
Sitting next to a statue of the Virgin Mary made out of bottle caps.
In the end, here's how I did.

Eames era fiberglass shell chair $20
white metal stool $20
vintage oil painting of two dudes in the wilderness: $40 (ouch)
two red buckets $10
delicious chopped BBQ beef sammy $7.00

Almost Bought and Didn't and Kind Of Regretting:
Catalina Island and Long Beach pennants
additional Eames chair in white
ten inch industrial wooden spools
metal marquee letters

Glad I Didn't Buy:
stuffed armadillo
stuffed crocodile
three fire ant bites
blisters from stiff unworn low top Converse

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