Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

This year for Easter we received an invite from our freinds Justin and Brooke to spend the day at Justin's parent's ranch about 25 minutes away. It was really beautiful and "Texas-y", because when you pull off the country road to their long gravel driveway you are surrounded by pastures with horses and cows. They had an awesome house with lots of wood inside and cowboy decor. We had an Easter egg hunt (which I Jana won for finding the most eggs :-) and some good barbeque. I also was able to feed the large bull named Cuddles (see pic), and help take some of their horses into the barn for the night. It was a great day with great freinds- and a very nice way to celebrate Easter. My last 6 Easters have been spent in London UK, Long Beach CA, Costa Rica, San Clemente CA, the Pacific Ocean on a ship, and now in Texas. Where will we be next year? I am rooting for Paris.


wendy said...

what a FUN easter! you definitely celebrated texan-style.

next year, i say you're going to be at our house having a traditional easter dinner. i'll do the ham, you bring the cake!

hee hee.

Carol said...

Yeah for Texas Easter!

As for the random corny video, it would have been totally cooler if she would have judo chopped one of the styrofoam blocks!