Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lone Star Air Show

Top-Bottom: Kissing Sailor on V-J Day!, Jana and the Kissing Sailor, TBF Avenger like the one President George Bush Sr. flew in WW2.

Today Kent and I went south 80 miles to Galveston Island for an air show we had seen advertised from the Lone Star Flight Museum. We almost didn't go, because when we left there were thundershowers, but in true Texas fashion, it ended up being sunny and 85 degrees once we got there. It was a great show, with a ton of different aircraft including the B-17, B-25, F-18, and other smaller WW2 fighters such as the p-51, Avenger, etc. There were also several bi-planes and stunt planes doing loopty-loops. I cannot tell you how awesome that F-18 Hornet is. The b-17 seems all tough as it flies by until the F-18 buzzes by real low and practically blows out your ear drums. I felt sorry for any country that ticks off the USA. Such force!

The other very cool thing was that Glenn McDuffie, the "Kissing Sailor" from the famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph in Life Magazine was there signing copies of the photo, "for free, with a $10 donation". I asked him if the woman he kissed was good looking, and he said, "She was beautiful back then but now she's as ugly as a darn Saint Bernard (censored)." He insists that she grabbed and kissed him. Anyway, it was fun because I had read this year on that some volunteer scientists had used forensic analysis to determine that he is indeed the sailor. Apparently there were several imposters, and in fact Time magazine still will not recognize him as the sailor. So yes, I took a picture with him, and when I joked that I wouldn't try to kiss him he said he didn't mind if I did, as he had "kissed thousands of women".


elisse said...

Ya, I think I heard that picture was a set up. But funny, cz i think that was in TIME magazine. CONSPIRACY!!

Bo Salisbury said...

Very nice... I spy a Corsair and, I think, a Spitfire behind you, right?