Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Burning Down the House

This evening I nearly burned down my house. The flat cooktop was off all day, so I set a pizza box over on the left side earlier while I cleaned the fridge. Tonight, I put a pot of water over on the right burner to boil chicken for the pups. Well, I turned the wrong burner on (it happens a lot), and then went outside to water some plants. About 15 minutes later, I opened the back door and walked back into my house, and a disgusting wave of smoke caused me to gag. My dogs are just sitting there inside looking confused. Panic Panic Panic. Suddenly, the fire alarm upstairs/around the corner goes off (finally), so I run into the most likely place- the kitchen- and the whole pizza box is engulfed in flames. So I screamed,"Eeeek!" and turn on the faucet/sprayer thing and hose the whole thing down. Now black nasty water is EVERYWHERE. I run upstairs to turn off the alarm, but I am not tall enough, so I had to get a chair....meanwhile the WHOLE house is full of thick nasty smoke and it reeks! I opened every window, and we don't have screens, and this is TEXAS! So not only is my house smoky but there a million gross bugs flying in.

Well, I cleaned it up, and other than the lingering smell, some beetles flying around inside, some oranges that were charred, and my Corian countertops that will need to be repaired (an easy repair according to the web), everything is okay.

I learned three valuable lessons:

1. If the house is burning down, my dogs will not save me.

2. I should have a smoke alarm on the bottom floor.

3. I am an idiot

Kent came home in the midst of the cleaning and airing of the house, and asked one question, "Can I have some string cheese?"


wendy said...


i am so glad you caught it when you did. YIKES.

call me in the morning and let me know when you're up...i can come over and help you scrub down the kitchen (notice i am not volunteering to hunt down any critters for you...if you need a lizard catcher, jordan's your girl...a spider squashed, hudson's your boy LOL).

seriously, will do whatever we can to help you. glad you're all okay.


Linds said...

Oh my! I'm so glad you caught it in time.

And for the record, I would have totally done something like this.

Carol Jones said...

wOE. That stinks (no pun intended) I'm so sorry. One question? Did you have string cheese?

Debbie O. said...

I totally lit a potholder on fire that way when I was in college. And a burner cover when I was in high school. It's a wonder I'm allowed near the stove.