Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day Trip to Aggieland

My friend Sally lives about an hour and fifteen minutes away in College Station, which is home to Texas A&M. You can always spot an Aggie (that's what they call themselves) because graduates wear huge gold rings that look like cage fighting rings. And then you see a 115 lb. woman wearing one and you realize that it must be an Aggie ring because surely she could not win in the octagon.

Side note with relevant past and present info: Sally's mom (Christy) was/is BFF's with my mom (Kathy) from way back when they were growing up in Southern California. Sally and I happened to move to Texas at the same time, but she's only here temporarily until her smartypants husband finishes his PhD from A&M, which is likely to occur soon. Then they are high-tailing it back to Southern California because they're normal humans and who wouldn't want to return to the coast? (me)

Okay, back to the present day. The drive to Sally's is "rural" for my standards and since Wes was asleep in the backseat I had to be quiet (read: no celly conversations) and this gave me time to observe things as I drove. So allow me to present a list of things I learned along the way.

  1. Morrissey's Greatest Hits is only fun to listen to for about half an hour, then it's just sad noise.
  2. When armadillos get hit by a car, they bust open and leak a watery substance. (Don't worry, I didn't hit one. I just observed like, 10 of them dead on the shoulder.)
  3. The gas station on 149 and 105 offers the following: check cashing, tacos, minnows and worms. (see photo) 
  4. If a big truck comes up behind you to tailgate, and in your rear-view mirror you can see that he has a large decal across his windshield that says "COUNTRY BOY" and he is also sporting a rather large CB radio antenna, slow down and let him pass. Because Bubba will ride your butt until you do.
  5. You can buy a big round bail of hay for $48.00.
  6. If you're about to drive for over an hour, and you know your child is going to be sleeping in the car, therefore preventing you from being able to stop and pee, DON'T drink 3 pints of sweet tea before you leave.
  7. If you don't follow lesson #6, and you must pee via bush squat, wear something that blends with nature, because no amount of foliage can camouflage an atomic red blouse.
  8. It's legal to drive a truck with say, 10 day laborers in the bed of the truck. (see photo)
  9. If you want to pretend you're Anne of Green Gables, go to Old Town Montgomery with other kindred spirits. (Look at the houses below. Is that Marilla looking out the window?!?!)
Spending time with Sally, her son Dean (Almost one! Big dude!) and her visiting momma Christy was refreshing, and worth the drive, as usual.

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