Monday, January 25, 2010

Be Careful What You Register For

As of late, I have felt slightly in Limbo. I’m not getting pregnant. I’m not getting busier with work (praise God). I’m just floating along waiting for the next phase of life to start.
To occupy my mind, I decided to take a college course at Lonestar. Initially I had settled on taking a photography class, but it was two days a week in the middle of the afternoon. If the class is during a bad time, I can see myself missing a lot. So I decided to take a Creative Writing course on Thursday nights.
I am still deciding if it was a bad idea.
Unbeknownst to me, this is a fiction writing class. Oops. I have no interest in making stuff up. I am a NON fiction kind of gal. Truth!
Let me share with you why I am not sure this is my cup of tea. Here was an actual interaction on the first night…

Female student (sort of trashy looking, lots of cleavage and maybe 20 years old)
Male student (20-something, round, pink faced, red lipped, greasy, towhead)
Female: So right now I am really into Steampunk novels and Space Opera.
Male: Excellent choice, milady.
Female: Thank you good sir.

Wow. What have I gotten myself in to???

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elisse said...

haha, ya maybe photography would have been better (especially for future family shots!). Hope you are doing OK Jana -doo.