Monday, September 28, 2009

Poe Folks

burlap... good for pillows, maybe not for underwear?

my crafty blood was flowing this weekend, and i decided i needed some new pillows for the front yard swing. out there they get exposed to the elements (humidity, rain, squirrels)so i thought, burlap? and since it is fall - in theory - i decided to make them my halloween pillows. i bought some burlap and muslin for the liner, and sewed up a couple of covers. for the picture, kent doesn't like all the skull-gore-blood-guts stuff, so i figured... a tribute to e.a. poe? safe enough, but still a bit macabre? he is one of my longtime favorites, so why not? (if you haven't, read "the cask of amontillado" and you will love him too) using my trusty computer, printer, Xacto knife, and rustoleum, i was able to "screenprint" some fun images onto my pillows, and now they adorn the front yard. i am assuming some people are going to think i have the bust of hitler on my pillow, but hopefully his image is very poe-ish, and not so fuhrer-ish. Also included is a quote from poe's "the raven", and a black cat pillow not pictured.

so here's to fall! which will be here around christmas.


pauline125 said...

aww those pillows came out nice.

Lambards said...

You are so talented! Teach me your ways!