Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Houston Rodeo

Yesterday Kent and I went with our Friends Joe and Allison to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. If we would have gone last week it would have been nice and sunny and warm, but this is Texas- and the weather shifted to 40 degrees and raining. Despite the icky weather, we had a great time. Thanks to Joe, a Cajun boy from Louisiana, I had my first experience with alligator on a stick. It was like gamey rubbery chicken and I can't say I recommend it.

"Alligator, anyone?"

By the time we arrived the rodeo had already started so after we ate we headed straight for our seats, which is in the Reliant Stadium where the Houston Texans play (yes, they are a real team...) We saw bull riding, wagon races, calf roping, barrel racing, the calf scramble, and my favorite- mutton bustin'. I had never seen this event before but it was hilarious. They put adult sheep (or muttons) into a pen, lower a little 5 or 6 year-old onto it's back, then open the gate. The kid has to stay on as long as he can while the mutton runs- and jumps- around. Think of it as mini-bull riding. It was so cute. When the mutton would jump, those little kiddos would go flying off! It was adorable.

Mutton Bustin

After the rodeo ended, the Brad Paisley concert started. We went on this night just so we could see him, and he does not disappoint! It was such a great show, and he played all of his hits. I am not the kind of fan that knows all of his songs, but I do like many of them, so it was treat. I tried to take pics with my phone, but it was too dark with spotlights and stuff, so here he is via a professional photographer. It was a great time, and we get to go back to the rodeo on the 21st for Brooks and Dunn, and the rodeo finals!

Mr. Paisley

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