Friday, July 11, 2008

California Trip- Bass Lake Portion

Every year Grandma Jo celebrates her birthday at the lake by having a weenie roast over at the Denver Church Campground on the other side of the lake. So, we pack up the chairs, food, wood (and now babies) and head over in various boats. This year was no exception, and so we grilled away and then played several games of Telephone**.

**Note: In my Brady Bunch-esque nuclear and extended family, this is normal behavior. Other things we have done that rate a 10 on the lame-o-meter include (1) a hula hoop contest, (2) a limbo contest, (3) a talent show, (4) and as a family singing "You Are So Beautiful To Me" to Grandma on her 75th birthday. I complain, but secretly I like it.
So, that concludes my trip to the Best Coast- Er, I mean West Coast :-)

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wendy said...

i want to die and come back to life as a member of your family.

i love your family!!!!!