Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hydrate Hope Benefit

Our friends Matt and Kent are co-creators of, a non profit organization they set up to address seven different world needs. Currently, they are focusing on the issue of unclean drinking water, specifically in Sierra Leone, Africa, via their water-related charity called Hydrate Hope. Money raised goes to repair broken wells, or to dig new ones so that residents don't have to drink deadly contaminated water. Kent and I went with a large group of friends to Austin for a charity event last Thursday night. The event was held down in the heart of Austin at a popular lounge called The Belmont. There was a large outdoor seating area which Hydrate Hope was able to take over, with a large photo gallery, "water-walk", a merchandise table, and a stage for the bands that came to play, one of which was Love and Theft from Nashville. There were several hundred people there, and the whole thing was awesome to be part of. Kent and I had fun talking to people that had enjoyed a few too many drinks, and who more than enthusiastic about the charity. It was a great venue, and everyone enjoyed the event. Hopefully, a lot of people's lives will be changed by the generous patrons of The Belmont.

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