Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Greetings From San Francisco!

I arrived in Oakland last night where I am staying with my friend Debbie- So good to be back in the Bay Area! I left 90+ degree Texas heat for a high in S.F. today of 51! It is just how S.F. is in my mind- Foggy, cold, and noisy. Deb's apartment is in a cute 1920's brick building complete with fire escape, old wood floors, crown molding, and lots of personality. She went to work this morning, and I am going to take the train into the city later today. Our other friend (and one of my college roommates) Elisse is coming in this evening from Folsom. No, she is not an inmate there. Do people in Texas even know what Folsom is? I guess if you listen to Johnny Cash you know. Anyway, it is a quaint city with a rather large state prison.


wendy said...

i'm in texas and did NOT know what folsom was.

but i DOOOO know what bakerella is.

and so should you.

when you get back i think we should go buy a box of teddy grahams and get to work LOL

here you go:

wendy said...
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wendy said...

alrighty, blogspot was taking forever and i hit the submit button again and apparently i double-posted. so then i deleted the second one.

but then it made it look like i was regretful about something i posted LOLOLOL

so don't think i posted anything bad about you. hee hee