Thursday, April 24, 2008

Almost Done Reminiscing... I Promise

Top: My Cousin Lauren and I looking totally awesome in our matching Bass Lake tank-tops in 1991. I must have meant to mail this picture to Lauren, because on the back I wrote, "Lauren, Wohhhh! Baby! Tough Mama! Lauren, you are taller than me, and I am MAD!!!!! Love, Jana Eichman I (heart) U 2!"

Bottom: My cousin Rachel and I looking...lame as ever. With matching hair and reverse outfits at Bass Lake in 1992. Again, I must have meant to mail the picture, because I wrote on the back, "Rachel + Jana, Summer of '92. Rachel, I (heart) U! You are very special to me. Love, Jana Eichman. PS If you grow up to be taller than me I'll get you and you'll be sorry! (Heart)!!!"

Apparently I was having some height issues.

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