Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Houston Rodeo & Rascal Flatts

Last night Kent and I had our first rodeo experience at the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show. My parent's friends Jim and Christy Bailey were in town from Newbury Park, CA to visit their daughter Sally and her boyfriend Greg, so we all hooked up at the rodeo. We saw bareback bronco riding, bull riding, wagon racing, calf roping, calf wrestling, and a lady ride standing up carrying an American flag with fireworks coming out (only in Texas). I saw A LOT of cowboy boots and cowboy hats- something I had not seen since moving here. They even prayed at the beginning of the rodeo for the safety of the riders and the animals! Can you imagine? PRAYER to GOD at a big sporting event. It was awesome. Those cowboys love them some Jesus.

After the rodeo portion of the evening, there was a Rascal Flatts concert, which we enjoyed. We even knew some of the words (don't tell anyone :-)Anyway, it was a really fun night and we appreciate the Baileys for inviting us!

No pictures yet.


Bo Salisbury said...

Hey, look! It's Jana and she's a cowgirl... sorta. Have you been down to Galveston with your noserider?


Kent and Jana said...

No, The water in Galveston looks like chocolate milk!

Carol said...

The stars at night, are big and bright (what comes next?) If you know, you are on your way to becoming a texan!