Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NOFX @ Warehouse Ballroom in Houston

Last night Kent and I did something we have not done in a while... We went to see a good old fashioned punk show in downtown Houston, which was headlined by NOFX and also included No Use For a Name. NOFX was my favorite band in junior high and high school, and though I am not a huge fan of their new music (too political), I love their old albums. So, I bought tickets a couple of months ago, and last night we headed downtown. We almost decided to skip it because we were tired and wanted to stay home and watch a movie, which would have been a big mistake. I had a blast, though I can't say the same for Kent. The last time I saw NOFX was about 5 or 6 years ago, and I stood in the very front- which made it even better. But over time I forgot what being in the very front was like, with my arms and ribs squished into the metal guard railing and the force of hundreds of angsty teens behind me. So I decided to be in the very front again, and Kent got over it really fast and headed to the rear. I think I was kicked in the head about 20 times from crowd surfers, and today my forearms are sore and bruised from being pushed into the railing. But... I had a great time, and even caught the singer Fat Mike's guitar pick as he tossed it into the crowd. Whoopee. Kent was the best sport ever, and stood in the back trying to keep an eye on me the whole time. It was a good night, and it felt good to be around some California culture again. I took a bunch of pictures with my cell phone, but I have no idea how to transfer them to my computer. So just picture me squished in the front, yelling out lyrics with a big smile on my face :-)


Anonymous said...

Did Grandma go?

Kent and Jana said...

No, Grandma couldn't get her mohawk quite right so she decided to pass.

Carol said...

Seriously Jana, you crack me up. Open the picture on your cell phone, press "options" then press "send". In the "to" field, where you would normally type in a number, type in your email address. Then press send or OK. You will receive your pics in your inbox at your email address. :)

And no, the waffles were normal shaped. But I remember when I first moved to Texas EVERYTHING was in the shape of Texas. And the Rockets had just won their 3rd championship in a row, so no matter where you went in Houston everyone said, "Go Rockets" when they answered the phone, or in the drive-thru at starbucks, etc. Very annoying. So, did y'all have a good time with the parents?

Debbie O. said...