Monday, February 11, 2008

Camping Among the Alligators

This past weekend Kent and I decided to drive north about 45 minutes to Huntsville State Park and go camping. We have a ghetto-fabulous Coleman tent trailer that we brought, along with various supplies and the dogs. The campground is all along a lake filled with fish, turtles, and about 40 total alligators. Apparently the alligators are in "winter-mode" and hiding until spring, so to Kent's disappointment the only ones we saw were babies in the nature center. I have never seen a real alligator (only ones on Disney's Jungle Cruise) and I was amazed at how creepy and dinosaurish their eyes are. I was surprised to find out that this lake has public swimming areas. Eek! No thanks. Anyway, we hiked around the lake several miles with the dogs, had fire-grilled mystery meat hot dogs, and enjoyed non-humid 70 degree weather. It was fabulous!


Debbie O. said...

Did you buy that trailer there, or bring it with you? That pic of the dogs passed out in your arms is crazy! You must have had to sit really, really still....

Kent and Jana said...

Debbie- We brought this lovely rig from California. The people here don't vacation in trailers, they live in them!!!

Alexandra said...

howdy, Jana and Kent
I've been watching your blogs there really funny, my favorite one is with the lighting, i hope you come around to visit for the summertime. maybe if you can you can give me a shout with your new camera that'll be really sweet. Anyway, I miss you (Mrs. Anderson) :(
love Alex
P.S. i have a new email address.
also my mom says hi :P