Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Dining Room!

I have GOT to find an old pic of the dining room. It had yellow walls and ceiling, and on the far wall there was AWFUL dark big floral wallpaper from the 80's, with a green chair-rail halfway down the wall. Then there was a gold fan with a Christmas ornament as the pull-chain. ICK! We stripped the wallpaper (that took FOREVER), floated the wall, then painted... but it turned out the wall was a little bumpy and looked pretty bad. So... I decided to wallpaper the one wall as sort of an accent wall, and to hide the bump. The paper I liked was $80 for a double roll, but I found this cute cottage floral print closeout for $8 a double roll. It matched the paint perfectly. Kent and Dad Eichman put in the crown moulding, then Mom Eichman wallpapered (thanks!). The chandelier was found at a garage sale for $9, and I bought the medallion at Lowes for a little extra class. So now I LOVE this room, and all the furniture was either estate sale, or family hand-me downs. The rug, mirror, and lamps came from Marshall's. I still need to hem the curtains, but need a sewing machine (which I have but forgot in California). Come visit and eat with us!

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Debbie O. said...

Seriously you are making amazing progress!